Week Before the Wedding Day

The anticipation of walking down the aisle a week before the big day can be as nerve-wrecking as realizing that you’ll be single for the last time! For some, they find ways to celebrate their last week of freedom by partying hard. For others, they overwhelm themselves with the nitty-gritty details of the big event that there’s not even time in the week to make everything perfect.

Well, here’s my approach to the week leading up to the wedding bells…

Free up your schedule (as much as you can, especially since there might be a lot of family obligations). Get your partying out weeks (or even months) before and treat yourself to a lavish spa for relaxation. Pampering yourself with a spa treatment is good for your mental state, especially with all the pressure that comes with being a bride.

Feeling good is just as important as looking good. When you feel good, you’ll naturally look more radiant. After pampering yourself, I’d recommend doing the following preparations:

First thing, first. WAX. If you didn't get laser removal, you need to wax. Full body and even your face. Do this at least three days before. Don't go crazy with brow waxing, unless it’s something you already do on a regular basis. Otherwise, don't try something new. 

Secondly, get a facial to tighten those pores and a hydraulic acid treatment to give yourself that natural glow. If this is already in your routine, do it a week before. If not, three days before is acceptable.

Thirdly, if you’ve been partying wild or have been up at night (for many different reasons), do an eye mask for the whole night (8 hours) while you sleep, every night for three nights before the big day!

Lastly, exfoliate your face and lips the night before. To get that smooth velvet skin ready for makeup and photos!

And there you have it, brides!