Self-Care for Breastfeeding Mamas (including meal & snack ideas)

If you’re health conscious like me and are always looking for ideas on what to eat, I’ve some recommendations that can get your mind flowing with options… it’s never a bad idea to have these items at home as your quick go-to food.

Breakfast: oatmeal or oats cereal

1st snack: almonds (one glass of almond milk or 12 almonds a day) 

Lunch: eggs (boiled or steamed, you can try steaming your eggs with milk for fluffier texture)

2nd snack: orange or tangerines 

Dinner: Something with bone broth (chicken or fish works best to produce milk supply)

Other things to also keep in mind…

Drink Lots of Water!

Breastfeeding is no easy task, I always recommend drinking a glass of water after you’ve just nursed to stay hydrated. If that means drinking 10 – 15 glasses because that’s how often you’re nursing, then so be it! A hydrated mama is a healthy mama!

Great Veggie Choices

How many of you think broccoli, green beans and lettuce when you think vegetables? Well, may I suggest some colourful options? Root vegetables are great for nursing moms because it fills you up and it’s full of nutrients for you and the baby. Purple yam, taro, carrots, turnip and so much more are great ways to fuel you and offer that extra boost of energy to help you stay strong and healthy.

Herbal Breastfeeding Tea

If you find that your milk supply is dwindling down, there are herbal teas to increase your milk supply. Try drinking that tea twice a day for a week for steady results.

Pump Frequently

If your child started solid food, than he/she might start to nurse less. When that happens, you’ll find your milk supply decreasing. A trick to keep that milk flowing is to pump regularly, that way your body will think its milk is in demand.

Stress Less

It’s easy to be a “worry mom.” First-time mamas can’t help but default to worrying when there is so much unknown about the baby (regardless of your personality, that’s a whole separate conversation). Gaining confidence takes some time, with each new milestone, comes new challenges. It’s easy for others to say “don’t sweat the small stuff” or “don’t stress yourself out,” but the situation we often find ourselves in is we can’t help but wants what’s best for our little one(s), hence the stress!!!

One thing I found very helpful during mat leave was doing breathing exercises. Every morning and before I go to bed, I take 10 deep breaths. You have to be intentionally slow and meaningful with each inhale and exhale to get good results. Giving your lungs fresh doses of oxygen each morning helps kick start your day, and ending it on the same note will give you much better rest (no matter how short). Also, if you have time, give yourself 10 – 20 mins of stretching and light exercises. Exercising is a great way to think about things other than your child. It allows you to focus on yourself and connect with your body. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health are all intertwined and are all very important to take care of.

Self-care is so important to every individual, and especially to a new mom, because your baby is absorbing the energy you give off. So whenever you have some “me too” (5 mins to an hour), take advantage and take care of yourself.

I’m also here for you if you ever want to talk.