Weekend Skin Recovery

In my backyard, taking a nice break from weekend festivities.

In my backyard, taking a nice break from weekend festivities.

How do you take care of your skin? As a career woman, facial treatments done at home are not only quick and easy, but it allows me to multi-task and rejuvenate my skin at the same time. I often find myself throwing a mask on and go about my nightly leisure: reading a novel or watching Netflix.

Here's my recent favourite: SKII Facial Treatment Sheet Masks for instant hydration. This product allows for both hydration and brightening after being in the sun too much.

As a skincare enthusiast, I hope to pass on  "3 facial wisdom" to you!

1) For maximum results, do a facial treatment at home three times a week, and no more than three (preferably with three different types of masks because your skin requires different nutrients and can get accustom to certain treatments over time).

2) To get the most out of your treatment, the best time is to do it before you sleep. Allow your skin to absorb the nutrients for up to eight hours. I don't recommend doing a mask before you go out during the day due to exposure to environmental stressors (like UV rays, pollutants, wind and so on).

3) As I've mentioned, using different types of masks is beneficial to your skin. Use a variety of treatments from mask sheets to clay masks and sleeping mask to cream mask. Different treatments will help your skin as it adjust from season to season. Do keep the mask on according to the time recommendation of the treatment mask. It is usually 10 - 30 mins depending on your skin type and the mask texture.

Come on ladies and gents, let's get that skin smooth and healthy!